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Kerian Europe AB


715 94 Odensbacken, Sweden

Tel: +46 19 230024

Fax: +46 19 230834 

E-mail: carl@kerian.se 


For more information, videos and details. Please visit www.kerian.com




Kerian Machines Inc.

1709 Hwy 81 S, PO Box 311
Grafton, ND 58237 USA
Call: (701) 352-0480

Fax: (701) 352-3776

Email: sales@kerian.com

Simple design

Easy to maintain, easy to adjust, with a unique patented method of rollers expansion.

Compact and efficient

A large capacity in a small floor space, yet rugged enough for field use.

Unequalled accuracy

No other diameter grader comes close, because of continuous product rotation and individually-driven heavy-duty rollers which maintain precise separation.

Proven ability

Customized features and gentle handling are part of the package in hundreds of applications for all sorts of fruit and vegetables.